Welcome to The Sanctum • The Keep Wiki!

The Sanctum is an encyclopedic website dedicated to compiling and comprehensively organizing the collaborative creations of the The Keep roleplaying community in a manner that is easily utilized, understood, and accessed. Its main purpose is to serve as a nexus for user collaboration, creation, and informative writing with the goal of allowing Keepsters to more readily access information about characters, artifacts, created factions, locations in the world, historical and mythological lore, and session logs.

Much like other "wikis," The Sanctum is built entirely by its users and members. Articles detailing characters, locations, and other information are all submitted by individuals who participate in the ever-expanding and eternally-growing, roleplaying environment of The Keep. As such, it is the hope of the The Sanctum and The Keep that, with yet another addition to the fold, new, far more inclusive and more detailed plots and stories are merely waiting to be told, discovered, and given wings to the wind!

Would you like to contribute? Would you like to become a part of a new, growing community of writers, creators, artists, and storytellers? If so, feel free to visit our home The Keep and be sure to familiarize yourself with our Manuals.